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Future Letters: What You Receive with Every Order

Future Letters: What You Receive with Every Order

Future Letters: What You Receive with Every Order

In an era dominated by digital communication, the art of handwriting has become a rare, cherished experience. At Words From You, we've aimed to reintroduce the beauty and emotional depth of this ancient form of communication by offering a premium service that's unparalleled in today's market. Here's what every Words From You customer can expect with their order:

  1. High-Quality Presentation Folder
    Every letter is presented in a premium folder, ensuring the utmost care and respect for your heartfelt words.

  2. Selected Stationery or Card
    Our high-quality stationery elevates the letter-writing experience, allowing your thoughts to flow onto the paper effortlessly.

  3. Pre-paid Return Mailer
    Once you've poured your heart into your letter, returning it to us for safekeeping is a breeze. We've taken care of the postage, so you can simply place it in the mail.

  4. Security Tape
    To guarantee your privacy, each package comes with security tape. Seal your envelope with confidence, knowing its contents remain just between you and the intended recipient.

  5. Informative Brochures
    Included are brochures detailing our unique service, perfect for sharing with friends or loved ones who might appreciate this touching gesture.

  6. Letter Match-Up Card
    Especially useful for those who've chosen to send multiple letters, this sturdy card ensures you keep track of each sentimental message you've prepared.

Once you've written your letter and returned it to us, the magic truly begins. Depending on your chosen method:

  • For the Future Method users, your letter will be dispatched on the day you've picked.

  • For those opting for the Check-In Method, the service activates upon receipt of your letter. Periodic email reminders will prompt you to check in, with the frequency set according to your preference.

Now, you might wonder about the investment. But consider the profound impact of receiving a handwritten letter. The tactile feel of the paper, the unique curve of each handwritten letter, the scent that it might carry – it's an irreplaceable sensory experience. And in moments of reflection, when one receives a handwritten letter from the past or even posthumously, the emotional weight is profound.

While the price might initially seem steep, the unparalleled quality and emotional depth offered by our service makes it a worthwhile investment. Unlike fleeting digital services like FutureMe that allow you to send emails to your future self, or Letter To Yourself which offers the option to send a typed letter in the future, WordsFromYou is uniquely positioned. We're the only service that allows for the deeply personal touch of sending handwritten letters.

These aren't just letters; they're tangible pieces of one's heart, bridging gaps in time and space and becoming lifelong keepsakes cherished by those who receive them. Join us in rekindling the beauty of handwritten communication and creating lasting memories. We offer free shipping for all of our future letters, take a look at our inventory here!