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How it Works - Check-In Method

Your letter is sent when you stop checking in

You will be sent an email periodically to check-in with us. It is as simple as clicking a link. You are allowed to miss a certain number of reminders before your letter is sent.

You can customize how often the reminders are sent to you by any number of days or months.

How It Works

Get Your Package

We send you a welcome package which contains your stationary, detailed instructions, and some other materials to help you get started.

Write Your Letter

Our service was designed with the best intentions at heart. We ask that you say things which are kind.

Mail it Back to Us

Use the security seal tape to ensure that your letter is never tampered with. You can request to have your letter sent back to you at any time.

Check-In via Email

We'll send you check-in reminders via email. As long as you continue to check in, your letter stays with us. If you stop, we'll know it's time to send your letter.

Manage Your Delivery Preferences

With our intuitive dashboard, taking control of your delivery preferences has never been easier. You can adjust the frequency of your check-in reminders or the grace period for missed check-ins.

Want your letter to be sent if you don't respond within a week? Or perhaps a month? You decide. Our system is flexible and designed to adapt to your unique needs.

Our check-in service is more than just letter delivery. It's an assurance to your loved ones, a promise of words to be shared, and a bridge between today and tomorrow.

Your Privacy is our Priority

Rest assured, your letters are stored with the utmost security and confidentiality. We respect your privacy and employ advanced security methods to protect your words until they're sent.

Change your mind? No problem! You can request the return of your letter at any point.

We understand that circumstances change, and we're committed to providing a service that respects your decisions.

Perfect for...

This service is commonly used for last words said.

Letters to your children or grandchildren.

Leaving instructions for after you are gone.

Things which are hard to say in person.


I can now be sure that if something were to happen to me then my kids would know some things which I plan to eventually tell them.

Belinda Schwartz

I had some things which I could not say to people in person. Now I know that my true feelings will be heard.

Chuy C.

Everything is smooth. I liked the welcome kit and the support team was able to answer all my questions promptly.

Christopher G.

Questions? We've got answers.

Check out our FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions. From how to get started, to the safety of your letters, we’ve got you covered.