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Letters that you write sent out later.

You control when your letters are sent with our two unique methods.

A letter can be comforting in times of need.

Send letters even years into the future.

Be sure that your words are left said.

Letters are sent when you stop checking-in or on a specific date.

We securely hold your written letter until it is time to send.

We understand the significance of expressing thoughts and feelings at the right moment. Our service allows you to create handwritten letters that can be sent out in the future or following a series of missed check-ins. Write now, deliver later, and ensure your words are always heard.

Timed Letters Made Simple

Write letters today and choose a future date for them to be sent out, or let our check-in system handle delivery.

The check-in method triggers your letter's dispatch if you stop responding to our periodic check-in emails, ensuring your words reach their intended recipients - on your terms and at your pace.

How it Works

1. Get Your Package

We send you a welcome package which contains your stationary, detailed instructions, return mailer, and some other materials to help you get started.

2. Mail it Back to Us

Your letter is stored with utmost security until it's time for delivery. Our use of tamper-proof tape ensures absolute integrity, providing certainty that your letter remains untouched.

3. Set Your Delivery

Choose your delivery method. Pick the Future Method for a specific date, or the Check-In Method, where your letter is sent when you stop responding to our check-in emails.

4. Your Letter is Sent

Your letter is sent when your conditions are met. Either when you stop checking in with us or at a specific date in the future.

Why have a delayed letter?

A timed letter can share your wisdom, love, or reflections when you may not be present.

These letters can serve as thoughtful surprises, tokens of advice for future milestones, or even as a reassuring voice. Let us help you ensure your words are delivered exactly when they need to be.

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Safe and Secure

Your thoughts, feelings, and memories are secure with our stringent safety measures.

We employ a tamper-proof security seal on each letter, offering undeniable assurance that your written memories remain private and undisturbed.

We go the extra mile to safeguard your sentiments until it's time for them to reach their intended recipients.