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Future Method: Tree of Butterflies Card


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Express Your Feelings with Our Vibrant Butterfly Tree Note Card

Immerse yourself in the beauty of our Butterfly Tree Note Card. A pastel tree, teeming with colorful butterflies instead of leaves, takes center stage on the card, with some of them seemingly fluttering away. The vibrant colors, further enhanced with gold foil embellishments, make it visually stunning.

With our Future Method service, write your personal message on the smooth, uncoated card stock and return it to us. We'll keep it safe until your chosen date, sending it to your loved one when the time is right.

Key Features:

  • Future Method: This note card is ideal for our Future Method service. Write your heartfelt message, mail it back to us, and we'll send it on your chosen future date.
  • Blank Interior: The interior of the card is blank, offering a canvas for your personal thoughts and emotions.
  • High-Quality Stock: The card is made from smooth, uncoated stock that takes pen beautifully, ensuring your message looks crisp and clear.
  • Stunning Design: The card features a pastel tree adorned with colorful butterflies, with vibrant colors enhanced by gold foil embellishments. It's suitable for a variety of occasions.

Why Choose Our Butterfly Tree Note Card?

Our Butterfly Tree Note Card adds a touch of whimsical charm to your messages. Its vibrant design and high-quality stock make it a joy to write on and a delight to receive. Combined with our Future Method, it ensures your message arrives at the perfect moment, adding even more significance to your words.

Product dimensions: 5" x 3.5". The matching envelope in bright lime green color further adds to the vibrant theme.

Included in the package: Instructions, presentation folder, free return postage, security tape, and your selected Butterfly Tree Note Card.

Future Method Details

This letter is using our Future Method which allows you to select the specific day you'd like these letters to be sent. Choose a specific date for your letter's dispatch, and we'll see it done.

This unique feature allows you to send timely messages for birthdays, anniversaries, or 'just because' days, making sure your thoughtful words arrive exactly when you want.

Paper Size & Details

Card Size: 5 x 3.5 Inches

Shipping & Returns

All shipping is free! This includes the shipping to your door, the shipping back to us, and also the shipping to your intended recipient.

Letters that you write today, sent out later.

Our Future Method ensures your letter arrives when it matters most. Pick your date, and we securely handle the rest.

Have your letter go out on a specific date in the future.

Choose our Future Method for sending your letters exactly when you want them to be received. Think of it as a time capsule of your thoughts and feelings, a heartfelt message for birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones yet to come.

It's more than a letter; it's a surprise waiting in time. Craft your message now, and we'll ensure your words journey through time, delivering warmth and joy at the perfect moment.

How it Works

Get Your Package

We send you a welcome package which contains your stationary, detailed instructions, and some other materials to help you get started.

Write Your Letter

Our service was designed with the best intentions at heart. We ask that you say things which are kind.

Mail it Back to Us

Use the security seal tape to ensure that your letter is never tampered with. You can request to have your letter sent back to you at any time.

Your Letter is Sent

Upon receiving your letter, we securely store it until your specified date. Just set the date, and we'll ensure your timeless message is delivered on time.

Never Forget Your Special Dates

Our system will remind you before your letter is scheduled to be sent, giving you a chance to make any last-minute changes or just enjoy the anticipation.

Truthful & Transparent

We prioritize trust and privacy, providing secure handling of your personal letters.

Time Capsule Messages

Embed your emotions in time, delivering unexpected joy when it's least expected.

Thinking of the Future

We're on a mission to preserve the art of letter writing in a digital age.

Heartfelt in Advance

Schedule emotional surprises to make your loved ones' day.

Common Questions

What is the Future Method?

The Future Method offers you the convenience of scheduling a letter or card to be sent out on a specific future date. Once you've selected this method and set your preferred date, your job is done! This feature doesn't require any check-ins or follow-ups on your part. Simply specify when you want your letter delivered, and we'll ensure it gets sent out within 7 days of your selected date.

Can I choose any future date for my letter to be delivered?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to choose any future date for your letter to be dispatched. We will ensure that your letter is mailed within 7 days leading up to your selected date. Rest assured, we will also send you a confirmation notice once your letter is officially on its way.

Can I update my future date after I've set it?

Absolutely, you have full flexibility to update your chosen future date even after setting it. You can manage each letter individually and adjust the send-out date as required. In addition, you can modify the recipient's address should they relocate. This ensures your letters reach the right place at the right time.

How do I know my letter was sent?

You can keep track of your letter's status via the 'My Letters' section within your account settings. Once your letter has been sent, this status will be updated to reflect the dispatch date. Additionally, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address notifying you as soon as your letter has been mailed out. This ensures you're kept in the loop regarding your letter's dispatch status.

What is the purpose of the Future Method service?

The purpose of the Future Method is to enable you to schedule letters for delivery on a specific future date. This is ideal for ensuring important messages, sentiments, or memories are shared on significant dates, even if you're not able to send them personally at that exact time.