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Check-In Method: Thinking of You Card


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Send Sweet Thoughts to the Future with Our Charming Watercolor Thought Cards

Step into the delightful realm of our Watercolor Thought Cards, designed explicitly for our Check-In Method. Measuring 4.1" x 5.8", these cards unfold scenes of playful cats, joyous avocados, and friendly teddy bears, all brushed to life with tender watercolor strokes. Every card whispers, “I’m thinking of you” or “You are in my thoughts,” adding a touch of sweetness to your message.

These cards are specifically created to carry brief but heartfelt messages and ensure they land on the doorsteps of your loved ones when you stop checking in with our check-in service.

Key Features:

  • Check-In Method: This stationery set is designed for use with our Check-In Method service. Write your letter, send it back to us, and we'll hold onto it securely, dispatching it only when you signal us to do so.
  • Charming & Concise: Their compact size and whimsical designs are perfect for conveying sweet, succinct sentiments.
  • Artistic Aesthetic: The soft watercolor illustrations add a playful and loving touch to every word you pen down.
  • Matching Envelope: A pristine white envelope accompanies each card, completing the thoughtful package with elegance.

Why Choose Our Watercolor Thought Cards?

Our Watercolor Thought Cards are not just cards; they are tiny time capsules of affection and care. Ideal for those who like their words to be short and sweet, these cards, combined with our Check-In Method, become unexpected joyful surprises, delivering your warmth and thoughts when the time is right. They are a means to send a hug, a laugh, or a supportive hand squeeze to the future, making your presence felt when it’s needed the most.

So, if you prefer to speak volumes with fewer words and love the idea of sending little parcels of joy to the future, our Watercolor Thought Cards are just for you.

Included in the Package: Instructions, presentation folder, free return postage, security tape, and your selected Watercolor Thought Card in its matching white envelope.

Check-In Method Details

This letter utilizes our unique Check-In Service. With this service, you will be periodically contacted by us through reminder emails, prompting you to check-in. The beauty of this method lies in its simplicity - your letter will be sent out only when you cease checking in, according to your predefined delivery preferences.

This mechanism ensures that your message reaches its destination when the time is right. It's an innovative blend of thoughtful communication and modern technology, allowing you to keep control over the timing of your message's delivery.

Paper Size & Details

 Paper Size: 5.8 x 4.1 inches

• Sheets Included: 1 Card

• Matching Envelope

Shipping & Returns

All shipping is free! This includes the shipping to your door, the shipping back to us, and also the shipping to your intended recipient.

Your letter is sent when you stop checking in.

The Check-In Method utilizes an email notification system to check in with you; only sending your letter if you stop responding.

You're in control of when your letter is sent.

Write your heartfelt message today, and we'll keep it safe, releasing it only when you stop checking in. Stay connected, on your terms, with our check-in service.

How it Works

Get Your Package

We send you a welcome package which contains your stationary, detailed instructions, and some other materials to help you get started.

Write Your Letter

Our service was designed with the best intentions at heart. We ask that you say things which are kind.

Mail it Back to Us

Use the security seal tape to ensure that your letter is never tampered with. You can request to have your letter sent back to you at any time.

Check-In via Email

Once we receive your letter your account will be enabled. At this time you should carefully configure your check-in settings. We recommend a generous time frame to prevent any unintentional letter dispatch.

Intuitive Dashboard to Manage your Settings

You can adjust the frequency of your check-in reminders or the grace period for missed check-ins.

Want your letter to be sent if you don't respond within a week? Or perhaps a month? You decide. Our system is flexible and designed to adapt to your unique needs.

Truthful & Transparent

We prioritize trust and privacy, providing secure handling of your personal letters.

You're in Control

You get to choose how often you check-in and how many reminders you're allowed.

Thinking of the Future

We're on a mission to preserve the art of letter writing in a digital age.

Easy to Use

Our check-in system is simple and intuitive, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Common Questions

What is the purpose of the check-in method service?

The purpose of the Check-In method is to allow you to write letters that will be sent out to your chosen recipients if, for any reason, you become unable to respond to our regular check-in reminders. This method ensures your messages are conveyed even when unforeseen circumstances prevent you from sending them personally.

How does the check-in service work?

The Check-In Method will email you periodically to check in by simply clicking a link. You can customize how often you would like to be sent reminder emails to check-in. Your letter will be sent if you do not respond after your configured amount of time.

You get to choose how often you check-in and how many missed notifications before your letter(s) are sent out. When you stop checking in then your letter will be sent to the person who you choose to receive it. You are in complete control and can request to have your letter sent back to you.

How often will I receive check-in reminders?

The frequency of check-in reminders is entirely up to you and can be customized in your account settings. This depends on the balance you prefer between the allowance for checking in and the promptness of your letter delivery after stoppage of check-ins.

For instance, if you set monthly check-ins with a tolerance of 12 missed notifications, your letter will be dispatched after a year of no check-ins. Conversely, if you set it to weekly with a tolerance of 6 missed reminders, the letter will be sent in 6 weeks.

Remember to consider potential circumstances where you might not have access to email for a significant period when setting up your preferences.

What happens if I miss a check-in?

If you miss a check-in, it's counted against your pre-configured allowance for missed check-ins. For instance, if you have set your account to dispatch your letters after 10 missed check-ins, the letters will be sent once you've missed 10 check-ins. Remember, the number of allowable misses is fully customizable in your account settings to suit your individual needs and comfort.

Can I demo the Check-In system?

Absolutely. If you're interested in experiencing the check-in system prior to making a purchase, simply reach out to us via email. We'll enable your account for demo purposes, allowing you to receive reminder emails and get a feel for how the system works.